Welcome to the home of Hampton Roads Hurling.

The ancient sport of Hurling stretches back into Irish Mythology, to the days when Fionn MacCumhaill and na Fianna roamed the land. Unlikely heroes built their legend then, Setanta being one of the greatest. His story tells of a young lad who was making his way to the house of Chullain, Chieftain of Ulster. Upon his approach to the grounds, he was set upon and attacked by a very large Irish Wolfhound.

With only a Hurley and Sliotar(ball) at his disposal, Setanta took aim and and sent the sliotar flying through the air, the sliotar ultimately lodging itself in the hound’s throat, killing it. Little did Setanta know, but this particular hound belonged to Chullainn, and was the defender of Ulster.

Chullainn was beside himself with grief, not to mention up the creek, for this hound protected his kingdom from all attack and enemies. So, as a gesture of goodwill, Setanta pledged his life to Chullainn, to defend him from all foes, and from that day became known as Cu Chullainn or ‘The Hound of Chullainn’.

Now we’re not asking you to take on a Rottweiler, nor are we asking you to change your name and become somebodies dog…….but we are looking for members! So watch the videos, read the skills manuals, and if you think you have the sliotars to play the ‘Fastest Game on Grass’, click HERE! . See you at practice.